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ROVA wins international communication award with their 100-100-100 project.

ROVA received an award from the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) for the communication activities with the 100-100-100 project. The award is given out every year to improve communication on waste management. 17 projects from 11 different countries were submitted, from which the RAVO project was chosen as the winner. On September 8, the award will be presented to ROVA during the ISWA World Congress in Antwerp. In the 100-100-100 project, a 100 household took the challenge to live 100% waste free for a 100 days. The jury was impressed by the chosen strategy to give participants the chance to share information and experiences through a platform. They also, in addition to the information for participants, used mass communication, which led to a lot of attention from the local and national news.

The communication activities were carefully monitored so that the knowledge acquired could be used in future projects. ROVA is very pleased with the award. Director Hans Groenhuis: ‘we were aware that because of the attention the project received from the branch the project was appreciated and gained followers. Very nice that this way we are once again rewarded for our chosen approach.’